Looking Within


Life is a river, like that  Derek Ryan song most of us probably have never heard of. A river is an interesting analogy for life. And this comparison can be true for most of us since a river has its fords and deeps, rough rocks and powerful undercurrents while seeming serene  on the surface.1600x933_5444_Thought_by_Aram_vardazaryan_3d_surrealism_sculpture_fantasy_picture_image_digital_art.jpg

There is so much happening in our lives that somehow it can all seem too much and it can overwhelm even the best of us. The problems that require a finessed solution is too many and it’s too precarious requiring too much thought to even to contemplate. So many little little things that can get crowded and you can barely hear your own thoughts or know how you truly feel underneath all those other machinations and motivations to make something of yourself.


Often in these kinds of moments make us thoughtful and make us deliberation. But then too much deliberation can also be a strikingly intensive labor yielding no fruits, furthermore wasting our energy and time.


Being reflective can sometimes make us overthink a perfectly good thing and see issues where there are few or none. Invent problems where none may reside.

It can be helpful to do instead of dwell. Get out of that ghastly mind palace and see the world anew. Look at the sunlight streaming through the leaves. Smell the salt of the sea and the winds stroke your hair and face.

Looking within and looking without to appreciate the the real and the ethereal.




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