Fated to Clash?


Clash of Civilizations by Samuel P. Huntington

You and I are not the same. Will you kill me?

Are our differences so overwhelmingly strong that we would kill each other or cause us to be violent to the other because of them alone and no other economic, socio-political and territorial disputes adding to it? This is a heavy inference in the “The Clash of Civilizations” by Samuel P. Huntington. It wouldn’t be completely wrong to say this world view is very classical realist. Rather gloomy to think that our fundamental cultural divisions would do us in. While he made many predictions about the post Cold War world that are very helpful in understanding the new of era of conflict and peace, some of them are too much of a generalisation. There are those who believe he prophesied the coming of Islamist radicalism and terrorism. True enough we can see the “la revanche de Dieu” phenomenon in all quarters of the modern world. And truth be told yes to an extent he did, however it is overplayed that it is an us versus them situation that will eventually culminate into a clash of civilisations, not nations mind you but enitre civilisations. Globalisation and advances in technology allow us to connect with each other on a larger scale and more frequently than ever before. Familiarity breeds contempt is a well known adage but it is also true that learning more about each other gives us a deeper understand of the person/culture/civilisation and respect where they are coming from, this I think allows us new and exciting creative ways to solve old problems and feuds. Another reason to disagree is that the broad “West vs Rest” mentality can’t be observed in the ongoing violent conflicts of the current world which are mostly civil wars and regional engagement primarily territorially motivated. Of course our differences will cause us to have problems. But if we work together and are ready to compromise we can usually find solutions. It is not as much “What are you?” as much as “What can you be?” that will pave the way for a future that is peaceful and prosperous, and everyone can be better. Diversity is a feature of most cultures in the world; I for one think it is our strength not our weakness. One mans messiah is another mans false prophet.

You and I are not the same. I would not kill you.

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