Corruption Hurts Us All

The UN’s MyWorld 2014 survey ( ) provides a useful starting point to understanding the full scope of this generation’s perspectives on the issue of corruption. 1,089 people from 102 countries took part in the survey of which 814 valid responses were used in the analysis. The hope is that it will encourage more millennials to engage in the subject of corruption, help us understand the scale of the problem, and encourages us to play a role in helping create an environment where corruption cannot flourish.

72% believe corruption is causing lost opportunities for our generation and 72% also believe corruption is holding their country back. This is a significant number of people when considering the study sample and the diversity of origin.

Law enforcement, the judiciary and the education sectors are the worst rated by participants of the survey with health sector following close behind in fourth place. One has to note these sectors are crucial institutions to modern socio-economic systems.

Key functions of democracy such as elections and voting (75%), basic state-individual interactions such as obtaining legal documents or permits (78%) and avoiding problems with law enforcement (75%), and promotions in workplace (74%) are seen as marred by corruption. These are key aspects and pillars of modern society that are clearly perceived as ill-functioning owing to corruption at various level. Institutional trust is clearly lacking.

Almost half of the participants (42%) of the survey felt they did not have adequate means to face the scourge of corruption and 82% felt it was necessary for the international community to play a more active role in prevention and control of this issue.

While broad monitoring systems and international treaties are definitely required it is important to remember that change begins at home. Corruption is an issue we see daily, day in and day out. While at times we may feel like we don’t have any way to make a difference the important thing to remember is that deep rooted issues like corruption can be at least be mitigated if we all focused on long term benefits for the whole instead of instant gratification for the self seeking individual.

Report corruption at the national corruption hotline 1418 and visit the Anti Corruption Commission site here to learn more on how you can make a difference.

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