The Path

Gaumehge Tharaqee Vaanothee II

Path to Our Nation’s Prosperity

Hassan Saeed, Champoolmaage, S.Hithadhoo

(1938 – 2014)


A nation’s upright foundation are the young and youth,

A nation’s path to progress lies in the knowledge shared.

Let not the days pass on our youth without devotion to our nation,

Standing in the front rows by sacrificing the self.

Reliving the instructions, advice and stratagem passed down,

In wait for the moment with popular support.

Adorned with respect, fame and honor forward march today,

Stand tall on the stronger leg with the right intent unafraid to ask for help.

Prepared to face every challenge to ensure the prestige of our nation,

Without deserting any tasks,

The many needs of the nation in many forms facing us,

Performing them dutifully without placing blame on any among us.

Aspiring to the vision of progress raising the standards of our nation,

Together we stand as one bonded through loyalty.

Even with undesired fates ailing us let us plan on nationally,

Not swift to dismiss as useless until we see the result.

Life blessed upon us by Allah in creation,

On the straight path shown to us with patience and wise actions.


Translated by MHI (28.4.2015)


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